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Summary of QUESTIM results

Road authorities concerned with traffic noise may be faced with these questions:
1. Why is controlling road traffic noise important?
2. What mitigation measure(s) to choose?
3. Why not apply noise reducing surfaces everywhere?

PDF icon D6 2 summary of QUESTIM results.pdf
Report on Procedures for Monitoring the Acoustic Quality of Large infrastructures

The acoustic quality of the road surface is an essential component in the generation of road traffic noise and the resulting noise exposure of the environment.

PDF icon CEDR QUESTIM WP3 D3 report on monitoring acoustic quality.pdf
Report on Life Cycle Costing and Pavement Management Systems

Road Authorities are required to efficiently manage their noise mitigation measures such as noise reducing surfaces and noise barriers.

PDF icon CEDR QUESTIM WP5 D5 report on Life Cycle Costing and Pavement Management.pdf
Report on acoustic aging in Nordic countries

The acoustic aging of road surfaces in Nordic countries deviates considerably from other areas in Europe. The wear by studded tyres in winter time leads to strong deterioration of the surface properties already after the first winter.

PDF icon CEDR QUESTIM WP2 D2 1 report on Scandinavian conditions.pdf
final project report of QUESTIM

For many road authorities, the application of noise reducing surfaces is still in the experimental phase.

PDF icon D6 2 final project report of QUESTIM.pdf
CEDR call Noise: Integrating strategic noise management into the operation and maintenance of national road networks

This research programme aims to integrate strategic noise management into the operation and maintenance of national road networks in a holistic manner.

PDF icon DoRN_NOISE_CALL2012_Final1 (2).pdf
Assessing the acoustic durability of noise barriers on NRA road networks

Noise barriers are the most widely used form of noise mitigation on European roads managed by National Road Administrations (NRAs).

PDF icon QUESTIM Deliverable D4-1 [Acoustic Durability of Noise Barriers on NRA roads].pdf
Analysis of acoustic aging of low noise road surfaces in Europe

The acoustic performance of road surfaces deteriorates with time. This study has gathered data from several countries in Europe on the age related performance of several types of road surfaces, mainly under highway and through road conditions.

PDF icon CEDR QUESTIM WP2 D2.2 report on acoustic aging final.pdf

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