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Summary of QUESTIM results

Road authorities concerned with traffic noise may be faced with these questions:
1. Why is controlling road traffic noise important?
2. What mitigation measure(s) to choose?
3. Why not apply noise reducing surfaces everywhere?
4. How acoustically stable are noise barriers over time?
5. How acoustically stable are low noise road surfaces over time?
6. Understanding the mechanisms of acoustic aging of road surfaces
7. Can we predict aging of road surfaces?
8. How can you monitor acoustical quality of road surfaces
9. Do noise barriers age and how to monitor the acoustic quality?
10. How to implement acoustics in an asset management system?
11. Conclusions from QUESTIM
12. Recommendations by QUESTIM to NRA’s
13. Where can I read more
This report gives the answers.

Work package number: 
WP 6
Task Number: 
D 6.2
Date of issue: 
Friday, January 15, 2016
Version number: 
Draft or final: 

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