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final project report of QUESTIM

For many road authorities, the application of noise reducing surfaces is still in the experimental phase. Wider application is hampered by the mismatch between the properties of these surfaces and the general planning systems in use for managing pavements. In the QUESTIM project ("QUietness and Economics STimulate Infrastructure Management") approaches were developed to bridge the gap between these worlds. An extensive review of available data on acoustic aging in different areas in Europe showed a wide variation of service life of noise reducing surfaces. With statistical modelling the service life can be predicted based on surface type, traffic conditions and area in Europe. With added monitoring of the acoustic performance better estimates can be obtained. With this implementation of such surfaces in pavement management systems is then possible. For noise barriers a similar approach was developed. By balancing costs and benefits the optimal choice can be made.
This report presents an overview of the most important project findings.

Work package number: 
WP 6
M+P, TRL, Müller-BBM and Aalto University
Date of issue: 
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Version number: 
Draft or final: 

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